Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Add a Splash of Color

5 Great Ways to Add Color to you Wedding Day Look
1.  Shoes.  Use your favorite color from the overall wedding look and find shoes to match.  You could also find them in a color that matches your bridesmaids gown or use them as your something blue.  Find these Stuart Weitzman's on Nordstrom.

2.  Jewelry.  Maybe they're antique earrings or a piece that your grandmother loved, but they can add some sparkling color to your look.

3.  Crinoline.  It is possible to have your crinoline dyed to give a peek of your favorite hue.  Directions are all over the internet.  This image came from an bride with Blush Events in CA.

4.  Wrap.  Perfect if you want the option to lose the color, a wrap can be worn when you want it and tossed when you're through.  Match your bridesmaids or pick your own shade.  This image was a Real Wedding on

5.  Pedicure.  Open shoes or closed your pedicure can give your toes a splash of fun.  Plus, you want something fresh for your honeymoon.