Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beauty Timeline

You're going to look radiant and amazing on your wedding day.  Here are our tips on how to get there.

This schedule assumes your wedding is on a Saturday.  Adjust accordingly for your wedding date.

Tanning:  Do a test run of self tanning or whatever tanning system you plan to use for the wedding a few months before the wedding, if desired.  You want to be sure you don't have any adverse reactions.

Facials:  If you're just starting a facial regime then start about 6 months before your wedding.  Talk with your esthetician about your skin care approach.  Schedule your final facial 7-10 days before your wedding day.  Do not schedule a facial within a month of the wedding if you have never had one in the past.

Waxing:  Complete your waxing one week before the wedding.  This will allow all of the swelling to subside.

*Manicures and Pedicures.  Make sure there aren't any more deliveries or tasks left to complete.  You don't want to risk chipping your nails.
*Get some sleep!  They don't call it beauty sleep for no reason.

*Work with your stylist and wedding planner to finalize the hair and makeup schedule.  Your hair and makeup will take an 1-2 hours.  The schedule should have your look completed after the bridesmaids.
*Remember, you step into your dress.  It never goes over your freshly done hair and makeup.
*Smile and have a great time.  A happy bride is always beautiful.