Thursday, April 10, 2008


As we approach wedding season it's time for a refresher on proper toasting etiquette.

Typically the reception is opened with a Welcome from the Father of the Bride.  He welcomes everyone to the wedding, shares his joy, and acknowledges special guests.  The Best Man then offers his toast to the Bride and Groom, followed by an optional blessing of the meal by an honored guest or clergy.

Some may also choose to add the Maid of Honor's toast to the wedding day, however it is also very appropriate at the Rehearsal Dinner.

A few hints on having a great toast:
*Take a glass of champagne with you
*The toast should be no longer than 2 minutes
*Start things off with an introduction and explanation of yours relationship to Groom
*Be sure to acknowledge the hosts of the Event
*You must mention the Bride at some point - preferable something about how she is wonderful
*You can include a cute story about how the Bride and Groom met
*When you're finished raise your glass and propose a toast!

Just please don't...
*Mention past relationships, tell off color jokes, or be offensive
*Drone on endlessly.  Short and sweet is always best
*Tell stories about childhood and/or college unless they are relevant to the wedding or the bride and the groom
*Mention the rehearsal dinner - unless everyone at the wedding was also present the night before
*Try to embarrass the Bride or Groom

And remember...
The Rehearsal Dinner is the perfect opportunity for additional toasts from friends and family.