Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It Takes A Village


The team at Elizabeth Bailey Weddings and Events just completed six fabulous, wonderful events in a span of 10 days!

How did it happen that we planned and coordinated four weddings, a 55th birthday party and a rehearsal dinner in 1.5 weeks and each event was amazing? Well it takes a staff of very dedicated and very talented women

So Elizabeth would like to say thanks to Christina, Kate, Betty (who came in from Cleveland to help), Lisa (wow does she have stories to tell), Alexandra, and Sharon. Surprisingly, everyone is still looking forward to the next event!


Dynamite Weddings said...

You and your team are amazing! You must be ready for a little r&r. Gotta run to our local chapter NACE meeting. ;)
Can't wait to see more photos.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Allison was such a beautiful and gracious bride....it was a pleasure being her personal assistant...Congratulations Allison and Jeff