Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keys to Cocktail Hour

There are a few keys to a good cocktail hour.
Key Number 1:
Keep it to an hour.  Of course you want to get all of your favorite photos, but if the list is too long and is going to hold up the flow of the wedding then consider having photos done before the wedding ceremony.

Key Number 2:
Passed drinks.  No one likes to wait in line at the bar, but bartenders can only move so fast.  Pass trays of water, white wine, and a speciality drink and the lines will be dramatically reduced.

Key Number 3:
Passed hors d'oeuvres.  A variety of tiny treats will keep hunger at bay.  Add a sushi station and guests won't want to go into dinner.

Key Number 4:
Music.  Keep it light and keep is simple, but guests will appreciate the gentle music.

Key Number 5:
Avoid the gap.  Here in Baltimore, we prefer to have the cocktail hour begin directly after the ceremony.  It differs in different areas of the country, but we like the events and the guests to be on a flow throughout the day.


Green Orchid Events said...

So true about the passed beverages. Not to mention that it is very classy!