Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tips for your Maid of Honor

Being a Maid/Matron of Honor is such a special role in the wedding of a friend or family member.  We know you want to help the bride through her special day and here are some special items to have on hand.

Many MOH's put together a bag of tricks for the wedding day.  There are some obvious items to include (hair spray, safety pins, bobby pins), but here are some items that will make you a lifesaver.
*Double stick tape:  to stick what needs to be stuck
*Crochet Hook:  to work on those tiny buttons
*Little First Aid Kit:  band-aids are always hard to find when you need one
*Scissors:  try finding a pair in a hotel room
*Straws:  to sip champagne without messing up her lipstick
*Diaper Pins:  the best way to fix a broken bustle

And last, but not least, your brightest smile, an armload of patience, and buckets of good cheer.
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Shayna Walker said...

I love the bags you chose for the e-kit posts. So much nicer than some of the utilitarian choices, and they make great gifts too. Your collective style shows in all of your posts...congrats.

WebDrops said...

Hey Elizabeth!! these are some real good suggestions... and i specially liked the "Little First Aid Kit"... never thought of it before... and yes the big smile is a MUST for nay MOH :)