Thursday, July 31, 2008

Honey, Do This...

The Emily Post Institute - to go-to source for all things etiquette - posted this list for all of the Groom's-To-Be wondering what their role is in this wedding thing.

"Weddings for the Groom
The "Honey Do" List

1.  Send her flowers - for no reason.
2.  Send her flowers for a reason - the 6 month anniversary of your engagement, her birthday, because it's one week until the wedding.
3.  Take her younger siblings to a movie, ball game, or the circus.
4.  Take her Mom and Dad to lunch.
5.  Giver her a half hour foot massage - once a week.
(Graduate to pedicure and she'll never ask you to take out the garbage.)
6.  Be her personal chauffeur for a day of wedding errands.
7.  Leave little love notes on her fridge.
8.  Plan one evening a week just for the two of you - no wedding talk allowed - just romance.

On a more practical level, here are some great ways for the groom to contribute his expertise to the wedding planning.
If you are:
A techno guy, create and manage the wedding web site.
If spreadsheets are your thing, you can help manage guest lists, gift lists, and to do lists.
A wine lover, you can help select the wines and liquors for the reception.
Into music, research and help the select the band or music.
A car lover, take charge of all the transportation needs for the wedding.
A foodie, help with the menu planning and /or selection of the caterer.

Another enormous help to your fiancee is to write the thank you notes to your relatives and close friends.  Sharing this responsibility goes a long way to reduce what can, at times, seem an overwhelming task.

And one of the best ways a groom can lend a hand is by working with his parents to get a head start on planning the rehearsal dinner.  With all the planning needs intrinsic to a wedding, don't feel shy about putting your expertise to good use."

thank you Emily Post Institute
image from thebestweddingreceptionever