Monday, August 4, 2008


We were recently talking with a Bride-To-Be who chooses to eat vegetarian.  In discussing her wedding reception menu, she was concerned about having great food for her guests without feeling like she was eating an afterthought vegetarian option.
The solution?

We came up with two options for her to explore during her search for the ideal caterer.

The first option is Menu Service.  In this style of service, wedding guests are given two or three choices for their entree and are asking to choose by their server at the beginning of the meal.  For this Bride we would develop the menu with a fantastic vegetarian option, a beef option, and perhaps a fish option.

The second solution we decided upon is a stations meal with wonderful stations of pasta, fish, and beef.  Just to name a few.  This allows the guests to select from all of the stations and enjoy a little bit of everything, including the vegetarian choices.

This Bride-To-Be was struggling with creating a wonderful meal that her guests were sure to enjoy, while balancing in a meal that she was sure to love.  She loved these solutions and is looking forward to her tasting!