Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dontcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?

A fantastic ring tone, Yes.  Totally embarrassing when it rings in the middle of your wedding ceremony?  Definitely.

Emily Post shares the best way to avoid this blunder and encourage your ceremony guests to switch their ringer to vibrate.

"Yes, they’re everywhere and weddings are no exception. Here are three ways to remind guests to turn off their cell phones before the ceremony begins:
Print a tasteful little notice in your program ceremony, saying: “We wish to remind you to please turn off your cell phone ringer and refrain from using your cell phone during the wedding ceremony. Thank you!”
You could notify everyone as they sign a guest book when entering the ceremony site. Have an attendant direct guests to sign the book. Next to the book post an attractive sign (perhaps in a picture frame) next to the book. You could use the same wording as above, ‘reminding’ your guests to turn off their cell phones.
If you are not using a ceremony program or having guests sign a guest book, you could have someone make an announcement just before the wedding processional begins, “Please turn off your cell phones—the ceremony is about to begin!” While this last choice is acceptable, it is not as good as the other two less intrusive ones. A verbal announcement might deflate some of the upbeat anticipation of the ceremony and detract from the positive joy of the moment that is about to begin."
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Anonymous said...

Great post! I absolutely despise when a cell phone goes off during a wedding. I blogged about this a few months back. You would think that people would know better.