Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wedding Hair

Anne Chertoff from the blog "From I Will to I Do" posted some greats tips earlier this month after conversation with a wedding day hair stylist.

"It's very important to start thinking about your wedding hairstyle early on.  If you want to grow your hair, color it or highlight it you'll need time to let it grow and test out colors. It's not a good idea to show up the morning of your wedding and say to your stylist, by the way, I'm getting married today.

You should meet with him or her a few months before and talk about your ideas. Bring photos from wedding magazines and Web sites for inspiration. If you know that you're wearing a tiara, hair pin or other accessory, bring it with you.

I asked Antonio Gonzales of the Eva Scrivo Salon (and a Voguemagazine favorite) for his tips on how to ensure your wedding day hair is picture perfect. Here's what he had to say:

Your wedding day is special to you and should be special to your stylist. Some women have dreamt of this day since they were girls and others have a more casual approach. With this in mind, have patience and fun while approaching your special day where your hair is concerned.  Here are some tips that are designed with your best interests in mind:

1) If your existing hair stylist does not dress hair for weddings, that's OK, ask for a recommendation in the salon or go to another salon.

2) Always do a trial; there should be no surprises on your special day.

3) Ask the salon if they do complimentary consultations before booking an appointment. This way you can decide if there is a positive energy between you and the stylist. After all, you want to trust the person and be able to be emotional in front him or her without feeling uncomfortable.
4) A trial should take at least one hour, sometimes the excitement takes time away fast!

5) It may be helpful to have a look at the back in the hand mirror to ensure you are on the same page, so if any changes are to be made you can save precious time.

6) If you are a little unhappy with your trial, ask if some changes can be made at that time and see if he or she can produce a satisfactory result. If you are still unhappy, politely get up, say thanks, pay and EXIT THE BUILDING!! :)

7) Remember not to be worried about hurting the stylist's feelings by going to someone else; it's about you not the stylist. In our field we can't take it personally. All we can do is our best.

BONUS TIP from me: Don’t forget to take photos at your trial of your ‘do from the front, back and sides. Paste them in youwedding planner so you can refer to them on your wedding day.
Check back tomorrow for the rest of Antonio's 
fabulous tips. And visit his blog, Hair by Antonio, for more ideas and hairstyling tricks!"
These are great tips to keep in mind during your trial and on wedding day.  Thanks Anne!
Image from Anne's blog of Antonio


anne chertoff said...

Thanks for posting Antonio's tips!

anne (FIWTID)

Pensacola Beach wedding said...

If you're thinking about getting married on the beach, wear your hair up with no tendrils hanging down to get in your lipstick. The humidity will make your curls fall so go up.