Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancin Dancin Dancin!

Last night was the premier of Dancing with the Stars.  Between DWTS, So You Think You Can Dance, and Rock the Reception - there's a lot of first dance inspiration out there.

Joy Marie Photography

If you're looking to jazz up your first dance and steer away from the "high school sway" then you have some options.

Option 1:  Go all the way and come up with a full routine.  You'll need to have your song selected and work with a dance instructor.

Option 2:  Take lessons with a dance instructor to get comfortable.  You'll have a few moves in your back pockets and give it a little dazzle.  This eliminates the stress of a full routine.

Option 3:  Just go for it and enjoy yourself.  You're married - who cares?

Option 4:  Save the choreographed dance for later in the night like Christina's friends Brooke and Dan did with their version of the YMCA.  That one even had sparklers at the end.