Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair Raising

Every bride was the perfect hair for her wedding day.  A great hair style that you're confident will stay put for an entire whirlwind of you wedding day is a key element to your wedding day look.

There are a few key elements to great wedding day hair.

The first element is a great stylist.  You have to feel confident in their abilities and it's an added bonus when the person has a calming effect on you.

Ideally, you'll be having your hair and makeup done at home or in your hotel suite on the morning of the wedding.  There are many great stylists that will come to you and your girls on wedding day.

For your hair trial with your stylist be sure to have at least inspiration pictures to show him/her.  It's likely they'll have to combine the styles in your inspiration pictures to find the right style for you.  If you have any accessories like a veil, pins, feathers, or flowers - be sure to have them with you as well.

Take pictures from all angles and print them out for wedding day.  Keep them with you so that the stylist can reference them as needed.  A full page printout will work much better than your camera or cell phone screen.

Finally, follow their advice on prepping your hair for wedding day.  Get the necessary color  and products to make the look complete.

And smile, you'll look gorgeous!