Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memories in the Corner of my Mind

As you are planning your wedding it is very easy to get wrapped up in everything and lose perspective.  If you feel like you're having on of those moments and you need to take a step back - here are a few things to think about to put yourself back on track.

Yep, that's a toilet paper wedding gown.

1. Remember that this is about a marriage, not just a wedding.  Focus on creating a new family and marrying your best friend.

2.  Think back to weddings you've attended in the past and remember the good parts and the bad.  Try to recreate the good and eliminate the bad.

3.  Ask friends and family about the things they love at a wedding and focus on those elements.

4.  Make sure you're focused on what's most important to you both.  Don't waste time on traditional elements if you don't care about them - spend that time on something you care about.

5.  When you're scheduling your projects, schedule to be done a month before the wedding.  There are a few projects that will have to wait (like escort cards) but most projects can be completed ahead of time.

6.  And finally, give yourself some time off.  Wedding projects should not take up every weekend.  If they do - you'll go crazy.

And have fun!  This is a once in a lifetime event - enjoy the planning and the celebration.