Friday, September 26, 2008

Rental Fun

It is very likely that you will be making a visit to a Rental Company during the course of your wedding planning.  It can be confusing - so here are some helpful tips.

1.  Be sure to get all of your linens from one source.  Other rentals can come from another company, but linens can be easily mixed up and should all come from one company.

2.  Bring your linen samples to the rental company where you are choosing your china, glassware, and flatware, and chairs.

3.  If you are using any pieces from your caterer or venue - like their plates or glassware - be sure to see a sample and ask to take it with you to the rental showroom.  It will help you choose your other pieces.

4.  Remember that when your guests walk into the reception they will see the chairs, linens, napkin, glassware, menu card, bread and butter plate, and charger plate.  They will not see the dinner plate or salad plate.  Those plates will be served later.

5.  Glassware on the table will depend on if you are having wine service with dinner.  If there is not wine service then the glasses will be the water glass and champagne glass (if there is a champagne toast).  If you are having wine service then there will also be a white wine and red wine glass.

6.  Be sure to take a photo of the rental items you've chosen.  If will help you communicate the vision to the caterer and the floral designer.

7.  Ask if you can have all of your rentals at the tasting with the caterer.  The total look of linens, chairs, a complete place setting, and a sample centerpiece will give you a clear vision of the overall look.

image from Party Rental Ltd.