Monday, January 12, 2009

How Would You Spend It?

If you had $100 to use on anything you wanted - how would you spend it?
Tell us how you would spend it in comments.

Elizabeth says:
Everyone knows it is not difficult to spend $ 100.00. Just one trip to the grocery store or a check to pay the electric bill each month takes care of that. However, when asked how to thoughtfully spend $100.00, I would want to buy something that I would use everyday. Recently I splurged and purchased 800 thread count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Normally these luxurious sheets would cost over $100, but I went to TJ Maxx and found the perfect color and the perfect size for my bed. Not only at $100 could I afford the linens, but I purchased two new fluffy Ralph Lauren pillows too. The sheets are fabulous and a great luxury after a long day.

Christina says:
If I had $100 to use for anything I wanted I would probably spend $90 of it towards a new lighting fixture for over my kitchen table. It's still the awful builder installed horrible thing and I hate looking at it. With the last $10 I would pay off my library fines (why oh why can't I return on time?).


Isis said...

$100 would get me a much needed service at the spa and lunch to follow.