Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Better Than Barefoot

While I love to see lots of dancing at a wedding, I do cringe when I see a woman kick off her heels in order to be more comfortable. If one were to be at an actual event set-up, they would never dance in bare feet at a wedding. Broken glass, dropped straight pins, spilled drinks and stray nails make the floor at an event a mine field of danger for those without shoes on.

That's why I am so glad to see Footzyrolls, "the rollable shoe".

At a price of $ 25.00 per pair, every woman should have one of these tucked in her purse.
The shoes are available in Black, Silver, and Gold in sizes Small to X-Large. So smart!


LaKendra - Affairs With Elegance said...

Such a great idea!

david said...

Great idea! And you know once you start seeing people bringing their drinks on the dance floor, it's only a matter of time before glass shatters.

Suzanne said...

yes, great find!