Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our New Favorite Candle

There is no hiding the fact that we love candles in this office. We find the scents soothing and wonderful although the running joke is that Elizabeth lights them and Pam (the worrier) goes around behind her blowing them out so that we don't accidentally leave one lit overnight.

The new candle around here is Diptyque, an indulgence that is hard to justify until you get a whiff. The candles burn forever and have a clean, not coy fragrance.

We looked up the history of Diptyque Paris and learned that three artisans (Christiane Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet), united by a passion for creativity and design, became friends and business associates and opened a shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain to showcase their avant-garde fabric designs and decorative items from their travels.
In 1963, they introduce the first diptyque scented candle. In 1968, the first line of diptyque fragrances is launched. Today, the three Parisian artists are world-renown purveyors of fragrance and scented candles.

Our fragrance of choice is Baies (berries) and we are looking forward to trying the other fragrances as well. Although the candles are not recommended for events where food is served (we always use unscented for that), the Diptyque candles would make the perfect gift for someone who has everything.