Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day Trips - Flying Dog Brewery

Maryland is in the perfect location when it comes to day trips.  It’s small enough to drive through in a few hours and is nestled between very charismatic cities including Philadelphia and Washington D.C..We have beautiful beaches in one direction and majestic mountains in the other.  It's safe to say that it's pretty difficult to get restless around these parts.

Frederick, Maryland makes for a fantastic weekend getaway in itself.  The city houses a number of antique shops, delectable restaurants and countless outdoor attractions fit for people of all ages.  It also has a number of wineries and breweries fit for a more mature audience.  A great place to entertain guests from out of town or incorporate into a Bachelor's weekend is the Flying Dog Brewery.

Flying Dog Brewery was created after a series of events involving a few weary hikers, strong alcohol, and a strange vision somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains.  George Stranahan, the man who initiated the journey was so inspired that he decided to open a brew pub in Aspen, CO in 1990.  I'll leave the rest of the story for one of the brewery's charismatic factory tour guides.

In the early 1990's Flying Dog moved from a small brewery in Denver to it's current state-of-the-art brewing facility located in Frederick, MD.  Ever since it was founded, the company has stayed true to it's philosophy, making great beer and not letting anyone stand in it's way.  The company has created an extensive selection of signature craft brews ranging from Pale Ales to coffee based stouts.  The brand has developed a large following of devoted drinkers.  Another thing the company is know for are the cheeky names given to each draft.  Famed illustrator, Ralph Steadman has developed a long standing relationship with the company, designing labels for each and every draft produced in the factory.

The Factory Tour is a fantastic opportunity in taste-testing and a great way to learn about the art of brewing beer.  Upon paying the $5 entry fee you are given six wooden tokens and a Flying Dog tasting glass.  Visitors are encouraged to taste as many different beers as possible.  Each token is worth one refill and needless to say, it might be best to stay in Frederick for the night  The factory guides are funny, informative, and highly entertaining.  Once the tour is over guests are taken to the factory bar where the real fun begins.  Reservations can be made on the Flying Dog Website, however be fore-warned it's best to book in advance.  Weekend tours fill especially fast, but for something this unique it's worth the wait.  


Rob Holley said...

You did not mention the bocce court! Guests can play a game of bocce while sampling the beer.

jack said...

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Fantastic opportunity in taste-testing and a great way to learn about the art of brewing beer