Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mix-matched Bridesmaids

A cute and quirky trend appearing more and more in weddings is diversity in the selection of dresses worn by the bridal party.  It used to be that every person involved had some variation of the same dress.   More frequently bridesmaids are able to pick out their very own gowns.  Generally the bride picks out a specific color scheme, and possibly a genre of dress.  Then the bridesmaids find the dress that would best suit them.  There have been so many cases of the unfortunate bridesmaid dress, that in this day and age it's only fair to let such an important part of the wedding have some say in what they wear.  Brands like J. Crew and Watter's offer a wide range of styles within the same hue.  By using different types of dresses, brides provide bridesmaids with the opportunity to show a little more personality.  It can also be a helpful tactic when it comes to theme weddings.  Think of all the styles that could be used for a Mad Men inspired wedding.
The fantastic image above by Aaron Shintaku came from Inspired by This, a wedding blog by Leila Khalil.