Thursday, July 12, 2012

Becoming a Social Traveler

The Honeymoon: Your chance to exhale.  A well-deserved vacation giving both of you the chance to finally take a deep breath, relax and celebrate the beginning of a new chapter together.  But one last question: how do we choose the perfect destination and are we getting a good deal?  

The first thought is to lean on the trusty Tour Guide Book or an online resource like TripAdvisor, but with the age of Social Media comes some game-changing websites for the helpless honeymooners or even the seasoned world travelers.  Instead of relying on the written word of strangers, social media websites like  and have revolutionized the way spouses are writing their next chapters.  These websites allow you to be your own tour guide and they utilize social media to give honeymooners the opportunity to share hotel, restaurant and other travel recommendations with their friends and followers.  
Gogobot gives you the tools to create a digital travel scrapbook via FourSquare and Facebook check-in’s and was created on the theory that travelers trust their friends’ recommendations and photos over out-dated guide books and online travel sites.  
On the other hand, Gtrot is taking the social media concept one step further and incorporating the Groupon’s and Living Social’s of the world to pool together daily deals for your preferred destinations.  This gives honeymooners the chance to create their dream vacation but at the same time saving a few bucks.  While these are only two of the options available to honeymoon planners, it is important for you to remember that you no longer have to stress about the planning or the cost of kicking off your next chapter together.  You can now rest assured that you are one click, ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ away from your happily ever after...


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