Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cocktails Perfect for Summer Entertaining

Daquiris are for the beach, Cosmos are for the club, beer is for a barbecue. But what do you do if you’re throwing a glamorous summer party, just for the heck of it? Patron Tequila came up with these three great, summery cocktails using Patron Silver.

Patron Pomegranate
1 oz Patron Silver
½ oz Patron Citronge
Fresh pomegranate juice
Lemon Squeeze

Patron Grapefruit
            1 oz Patron Silver
            ¼ oz Patron Citronge
            Fresh grapefruit juice
            Splash of club soda

Patron Pineapple
            1 oz Patron Silver
            ¼ oz Patron Citronge
            Fresh pineapple juice
            Lime squeeze
Petron Cocktail Summer Recipes
(Left to right: Patron Pomegranate, Patron Grapefruit, Patron Pineapple)

Don’t they just sound so refreshing and bright? Go ahead and try them. Hot days beg for fun and fruity drinks