Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Because your Toes are Valuable

Of course you want the most amazing pair of shoes for your wedding day. It's the perfect excuse to splurge. Plus, we all know you're going to have those shoes dyed black and wear them to every social event for the next 10 years.

We recently read an article in the Style section of the Wall Street Journal all about comfortable heels. The article wasn't specifically about wedding shoes, but the information still applies.

Their top picks for comfortable heels?

Taryn Rose - can be found on Zappos. The company was founded by an orthopedic surgeon but they "don't like to think about them as orthopedic shoes".

Cole Haan - Cole Haan is owned by Nike. They are using their Air technology by adding airbags to dress shoes and women are raving.

Stuart Weitzman - also found on Zappos. A thin layer of padding plus a keen sense of style make for a great shoe - like the one you see below.


Aldalee said...

Wow.. Cute design!! I will get marry next month and I shopped at Zappos for my wedding shoes.